Supercharge your web3 customer support

Seamlessly support your community across multiple channels from one powerful and secure dashboard

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Connect with your users wherever they are

Use our Telegram, Twitter and Discord Ticket Bot to support your customers on all their favorite channels, from one place.


No more DMs. Using Mava’s web chat and official integrations, protect your community from scammers and fake customer support reps by providing a trusted, private and secure channel of communication with verified reps.

Stay on top of issues and conversations via status updates and reminders. Automatically assign categories and assign each ticket to the right team member.

Optimize your workflows

Instantly understand your customer

View transaction history and on-chain activity to streamline support queries. Understand your customer’s profile, how experienced they are and how much engagement they have had with your products and services.

Mava's Roadmap

Q3 2022

Beta Launch

Omni-channel Support dashboard with Discord, Web Chat, Telegram and Email integration

Q4 2022

Automations & Self-Serve

Scale your support with automated responses and self-service.


Identify common support themes and optimize your product and user journeys.


Community-Powered Support

Leverage the power of your community and superusers. Scale your support by using community help in a moderated and organized way. Recognize top contributors, let your users help each other and incentivize them with points, cash or coins. 

Web3-Native User Engagement

Let users opt-in for wallet notifications and have the ability to contact them with important updates. Send relevant, customized messages to users based on their wallet activity and interactions with your or your competitor’s contracts. 


Further automate support efforts using AI and chatbots.

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