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Mava learns from your existing docs, website, GitBook, Discord conversations and more to automatically answer questions within Discord, Telegram and web chat.

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Intelligent answers, tailored to you

Mava's AI, powered by GPT-4, provides intelligent responses that align with your community's needs.

The AI always considers your support content and context when answering questions and understands user queries, regardless of wording variations.

Multi-Lingual Support

The AI bot can respond to users in their native language and supports more than 100 languages. You only need to upload your documentation in English.

How it works


Upload your support content

Upload your support content to the Mava Dashboard. Mava learns from your existing support content on platforms like Github, Google Docs, Notion and your website. It only takes a few minutes to process and get started.


Activate your support channels

Connect the channels via which you want to support your users. Mava supports Discord, Telegram and Web Chat and the Mava AI bot can provide support in public channels, as well as private tickets.


Let Mava AI work its magic


The AI bot will provide responses to each question addressed in the documentation.


The AI bot will instantly respond to questions, or ask for more context if required. Control which type of questions you want AI to answer via the Chatbot Builder.


Resolve community queries, automatically


Let the AI resolve repetitive questions, while your moderators step in to address new issues. The AI will also automatically learn from these new answers.


The AI will either resolve the ticket or if the bot is unable to provide an answer, it will seamlessly transfer the conversation to your team. 


Track Performance

Keep track of the bot’s performance in the Analytics section of the Mava Dashboard. View the number of questions it resolved and how users are rating the answers.

🤖 Automate your

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