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How much commission can I earn?

For every new customer who signs up to one of our premium plans through your referral link, you'll earn a 15% revenue share for the first 12 months of their subscription.

How does the referral link and tracking work?

We utilize Rewardful to generate referral links and monitor referrals effectively. Our tracking mechanism relies on cookies, offering a 90-day window for tracking referral activity. What this means is that if a potential lead clicks on your unique referral link, leaves the website, but returns to Mava directly at a later time to sign up and convert, they will still be attributed as your referral, provided they haven't cleared their cookies in the meantime.

When do I get paid?

Payouts are made manually by Mava at the end of each quarter. To be eligible for a payout in a particular quarter, the following conditions must be met:
- The referred customer must have remained a paying subscriber for that quarter.
- Revenue from the referred customer, must have been received at least 30 days prior to quarter end, to be included in that quarters payout.

Can I introduce clients directly, without an affiliate link?

If you have clients you want to introduce to our team directly, please reach out to us via the web chat and we will discuss this option.

Terms & Conditions

By participating in the Mava affiliate program you agree that

- Mava has sole discretion over applications and payouts, along with the final say in any dispute.
- You cannot refer yourself
- You will not mislead any prospective customers and only share approved marketing material on any distribution channels
- Affiliate revenue share is only available for new customers. Existing users will not be eligible.
- Any customers you refer must be real users with a legitimate use for Mava’s software
- Any future affiliate revenue for a referred customer will be void if a customer you refer requests a refund or requests a card chargeback
- Your 15% affiliate fee calculated on revenue received from a referred client within their first 12 months of using Mava
- Mava reserves the right to deny any affiliate application it deems to be fraudulent
- Payouts can only be made to approved payment methods (USDC on L2; bank transfer for specific countries)
- You are not allowed to promote the affiliate content via Adwords / PPC