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Embrace the power of Slack

Slack users spend over 9 hours per day in Slack, which makes it the perfect communication hub for your support and success teams to achieve faster sales cycles, quicker onboarding, and reduced churn.

However, managing dozens of Slack Connect channels is challenging, and that's where Mava comes in.

From continuous conversation to action items, automations & insights

Transform customer interactions into remarkable experiences with Mava. Automatically convert messages into action items and ensure nothing gets overlooked.  From support queries and bug reports to valuable feedback, we've got you covered.

A powerful support platform for Slack

Streamline your support workflow

Imagine the convenience of Slack combined with the efficiency of a top-notch support system. Mava empowers you to streamline your support workflow with ease. Automate repetitive tasks with templates, set timely reminders, and effortlessly follow up with customers awaiting responses. Say goodbye to frustration and hello to enhanced efficiency.

Unlock powerful support insights

Gain valuable insights into your customer support operations. Keep track of key metrics like response time and SLAs, analyze trends, and make informed decisions to optimize your team's efficiency, reduce churn, and improve customer satisfaction.

Say goodbye to ineffective emails

Tired of low email open rates and a lack of customer engagement?  Reach your customers directly on the Slack platform, ensuring your important messages are delivered and opened. Stay connected with your audience by sending targeted messages to groups of customers directly on Slack. Share product updates, company news, or request feedback—all in one platform.

Automate your community support

Running a community Slack can be a time consuming task, especially when dealing with repetitive questions. Let Mava’s intelligent AI bot handle routine queries, freeing up your team to focus on more meaningful and complex interactions. Never answer the same question twice again.


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