Redefining Customer Support & Engagement for Communities

Mava is building a next generation support and engagement OS for every community-driven company. Mava aims to be the go-to tool for anyone looking to start, hyper-scale or support any type of community.

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The Founders

Iris ten Teije

Iris has a background in launching and scaling startups. Before Mava, Iris built a fintech business as its first employee, growing a global client base and receiving backing from investors such as Visa Ventures. What makes web3 exciting to Iris is the potential to open up access to opportunities and capital no matter who you are or where you're from. She loves connecting with fellow builders IRL, and runs a web3 community in London.

Ben Riazy

Ben has been developing apps and leading development teams for the past decade. Ben has experience in managing engineering teams and building apps for startups, as well as large corporates like HSBC, where he's spent the last few years of his career before founding Mava. He’s an avid NFT collector and holds a number of ‘blue chips’ in his collection. 

Richard Draper

Richard has extensive TradFi experience, having worked at Barclays, UBS and an event driven hedge fund. He loves playing around with DeFi protocols and is also an Ambassador for NFTfi. He got into crypto due to a passion for democratization of access to financial services, as well as the self sovereignty that web3 enables. He’s always keen to meet IRL in London or elsewhere in the world.