6 Discord AI Bots to enhance your server

1) Clyde Bot - Casual Entertainment Bot

Clyde, built with OpenAI technology, is Discord's intelligent chat bot designed to make server interactions more fun and engaging.

Please note that Clyde is currently in its beta phase and is only available in selected test servers.

With Clyde, you have the capability to gain new knowledge, play interactive quizzes, get recommendations on various topics, and express yourself through gifs, memes, and emojis. 


Clyde hasn’t been rolled out to all servers yet, but if it’s available on your server you will be able to enable it in Server Settings > Integrations.  

2) AutoMod - Automated Moderation 

Moderating a server is a demanding task, so Discord has introduced the AutoMod feature. This tool automates the process of filtering out messages containing spam, offensive, or inappropriate content. 

You can establish your AutoMod preferences in Server Settings > Safety Setup > AutoMod. 

Available options include blocking frequently flagged words or creating your own custom word list. 

Now here’s the AI angle: banning specific words is a start, but it’s not the most accurate approach towards moderation. There are an infinite number of ways in which someone can be offensive, and it’s hard to think of all phrases in advance. Vice versa, a phrase that in some cases could be offensive, might not be in a different scenario. Discord relies on OpenAI to enable AutoMod to understand the context and intent of the user for more effective moderation.  

AutoMod AI is in alpha and only available to a small % of servers at the moment. You can look out for “Enable Server Rules (AI)” in your Server Settings > AutoMod. 

3) Mava - AI Customer Support Bot

The majority of large Discord servers include FAQ sections, but often community members prefer to ask their questions in a public channel or via a Discord ticket.

This means mods are wasting hours each month answering repetitive questions that are already handled in company documentation or FAQs. This is where Mava comes in. Mava is an AI customer support bot, designed to handle questions in both public Discord channels and private Discord tickets, thereby reducing the workload of your moderators. 

Mava is intelligent – it learns from your existing support content and considers the specific context when answering queries. Mava’s support system is compatible with different sources, such as GitBook, FAQs, Google Docs and most websites and you can simply upload your content to train your AI bot and get started. 

Try Mava Here

4) Midjourney - Image Generation

Midjourney is an innovative AI image generator that pushes creative boundaries. Simply input a prompt - the more precise the better - and let the AI do its magic.

To date, viral creations have included anything from Pixar-themed Lord of the Rings imagery to Harry Potter, if directed by Wes Anderson. 

Source: Reddit
Source: Instagram

You can invite the Midjourney Bot to a Discord Server to create with friends and your community. To start generating images use the /imagine command and start prompting the bot, which will generate images in about a minute. Keep in mind that limits apply and you might have to upgrade to a paid plan to increase your limits. 

5) Turing - ChatGPT Bot

Similar to Discord’s Clyde bot, the Turing Bot adds ChatGPT-like capabilities to your Discord Server. This allows users to ask any general questions, request writing assistance, or secure coding help, to name a few.

The Turing Bot is free to get started with, but requires a paid upgrade if you want higher limits, enable longer questions and answers, or want to make use of OpenAI’s more advanced GPT4 model. 

6) Wombo - Image Generation

The Wombo team started building AI apps several years ago, coming out with a mobile app that transformed selfies into lip-syncing videos, as well as an app to create images based on text prompts. 

It now also has a Discord Bot: WOMBOT. This creative bot allows you to write guided prompts and transforms them into pieces of art. With WOMBOT, you can spark your imagination and enjoy endless artistic possibilities

Whether you're seeking to add ChatGPT style conversations with Clyde and Turing, creative art-making with Midjourney and Wombo, or automated support and moderation with Mava and AutoMod, these sophisticated AI bots are sure to enhance your Discord experience for users and moderators alike. Remember, these bots are continuously evolving and improving, promising more advanced capabilities, increased interactivity, and richer user engagement ahead.


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