Community Spotlight - 0xKYC

Please introduce yourself

I'm Adam Zasada, the CEO and co-founder of 0xKYC, and I've been working in the fin-tech and Web 3 industry for seven years.

Tell us more about your project

0xKYC verifies the uniqueness of individuals on-chain, enabling true one-user one-account capability for airdrops and giveaways without the need for personal documents.

Why should users check out your project? 

Our main benefit lies in ensuring the fairness of giveaways, airdrops, and maintaining a one-user one-account policy in games, DAOs, and on Discord. This approach prevents users from exploiting rewards with duplicate accounts, fostering a fair environment for genuine players. Our solution is pivotal for the long-term success of crypto projects and can also be applied in Web2 scenarios via API. For instance, it simplifies user verification without requiring the collection of personal data.

How do you and your team currently use Mava? 

We use Mava for our critical support tickets, ensuring they are handled by someone from our organization. This allows us to reassure users that they are in capable hands, while also enabling our moderators to engage with them freely in the general and support channels. Mava serves as our secret weapon, ensuring the best user experience even when issues arise, although they are rare. This is crucial for maintaining a safe environment for our customers.

The main benefits we enjoy include the user-friendly dashboard, the simplicity of use, and the additional AI tools for lead and support ticket qualification!

Where can people learn more about your product?

Check out our website at

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