Interview with Dina, Growth Marketing Lead at Beamer

Can you tell me a bit more about yourself and your role at Beamer?

Hey! I’m Dina, the growth marketing lead at Beamer. The marketing team at Beamer consists of a content manager, a community manager, and myself as the growth marketing lead. The content manager handles anything related to content, while the community manager focuses on community management across our channels. I work on higher-level marketing strategy and partnerships that contribute to user growth. Some of our campaigns have involved quest campaigns for users to try out Beamer, in collaboration with other dApps we have partnered with. We have also created educational content about L1 and L2 solutions and bridges.

Before joining Beamer, I worked at Lukso, a Layer 1 blockchain company based in Berlin. At Lukso, I handled business development and marketing activities. I have been in the Web3 space for about three years now.

How is marketing and community management different in Web2 compared to Web3?

The main difference lies in the involvement and independence of Web3 communities. Web3 communities are more engaged and independent due to the open-source nature of the space. Anyone is encouraged to contribute and learn in the way they want, which is not as common in Web2. Web3 communities are also more knowledgeable. This poses a challenge for marketers, as they need to find new ways to provide value in an open-source and easily accessible environment. Additionally, the audience segments in Web3 overlap more, with users often being community members, investors, and platform users simultaneously. This blurring of segments adds complexity to marketing strategies. Another challenge is the difficulty of tracking user journeys and data across on-chain and off-chain platforms. 

Despite these challenges, I’m really excited to be working in the web3 space. Web3 offers more power and accessibility to individuals, making it easier to participate and build products and services. It's a DIY space that enables anyone to get involved, without any barriers for developers. Open-source code is freely accessible by nature. The transparency and open-source nature of Web3 are positive aspects that were much needed in the tech and finance space. The empowerment and opportunities that Web3 brings are really what I love about the space.

Moving on to Beamer, tell us a bit more

Beamer is one of the fastest and safest bridges in the Web3 space. It was launched last year as a rollup-to-rollup bridge, aiming to unify the growing rollup ecosystem. Beamer's goal is to offer the best user experience by providing fast and secure bridges.

Initially, Beamer focused on L2 solutions, but we have expanded to support Ethereum L1 as well, since we wanted to improve the user experience by accompanying them all the way from Ethereum to the L2 space. We are also adding support for other chains, such as zk-rollups like Polygon zkEVM. Beamer currently supports wrapped ether (WETH), USDT, USDC, and DAI, and we plan to expand our supported tokens in the future. 

In the long term, Beamer aims to become an arbitrary messaging bridge, seamlessly transferring any type of information or data in the background without the need for users to leave their applications.

How are you currently using Mava?

We use Mava for our user support across developers, end users, and potential B2B partners. Any partnership requests, bug reports, or flagged issues go through our custom ticket flow using Mava. We also use the AI Bot, in our public channels. The bot is fed information from our website, FAQs, and developer documentation to provide automated responses and support.

How does Mava benefit your team?

Mava automates our support flow and provides a faster feedback loop. Previously, we had someone manually handling responses and forwarding discussions internally. With Mava's labeling and attribution features, we can easily see and address the tasks on our plate without lengthy back-and-forth communication. It saves time, makes the process more efficient, and increases satisfaction for our community.


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