Community Spotlight - Gravity Finance

Welcome to the Mava blog! In today's edition of community spotlight, we caught up with one of the co-founders of Gravity Finance, to learn more about their product and their experience using Mava. 

Tell us about your background and role at Gravity Finance?

GFI_T, the other founder of Gravity Finance, and I both wear many hats. Generally speaking I head up partnerships and business development, as well as QA on products we make. As for my background, being Anon makes it a little difficult to discuss. I've been involved in the crypto space since 2013, originally as a sort of hobby which quickly turned into an obsession (as I think is common in this space).

Tell us about Gravity Finance

Gravity Finance offers a range of Permissionless DeFi products on Polygon (POS), including AMM Swaps (DEX), Farms, Auto-compounding Vaults, an IDO Launchpad, and their Flagship product SILOS.

What’s the main benefit of Gravity Finance?

SILOS allows DeFi users to easily use automated complex DeFi strategies, such as taking collateralized loans, providing liquidity, automating swaps on a schedule. This saves a huge amount of time and significantly reduces complexity.

Who’s is your project built for?

Anyone can use SILOS, there is no need to be a GFI token holder and most of the SILO strategies that are built by Gravity utilise several other protocols products, such as QiDAO loans, Quickswap Liquidity, Gamma Strategies Concentrated Liquidity Management to name a few.

What’s it’s unique selling point?

Gravity Finance ethos has always been to automate and reduce complexity where possible, SILOS does exactly this, turning highly complex trading strategies and DeFi tasks into one-button deployments that are truly set-and-forget.

How do you use Mava?

We started using Mava as an early Beta user to offer direct support to our users in a more trusted way. Until Mava, we were handling support tickets directly in our Discord server and DM's, meaning users had to know they were talking to the real team members before discussing anything sensitive. Mava allows us to offer secure support channels through Discord and our website meaning anyone can come to the server or site and open a ticket knowing only team members have access.

What are the main benefits of using Mava for your team?

Security for our users. We've all seen the sheer level of effort some scammers will go to in order to phish user data, Mava really removes this as an attack vector for us and security is a number one concern for all DeFi users. As Mava continues to improve and brings more and more on-chain data into the user interface for us, it will also help to speed up support tickets by allowing us to see on-chain data associated with the user's connected address, such as approvals and transfer transactions.

Where can people learn more about Gravity Finance?

Our Discord and other social links can be found on Twitter, alternatively you can go straight to our website.

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