Community Spotlight - Perpetual Protocol

Welcome to the Mava blog! In today's edition of community spotlight, we caught up with Perpetual Protocol, to learn more about their product and their experience using Mava. 

Please describe what your project does?

Perpetual Protocol is a decentralized trading protocol enabling you to get exposure to a variety of crypto-assets, earn yield and build the future of DeFi. As one of the leading perpetual swap DEXes and open source financial building blocks, our mission is to make crypto trading accessible to all and completely trustless.

Users can experience what the future of DeFi looks like, with a protocol that has a proven track record of executing innovative ideas.

Why would someone use your product/service & what are the main benefits?

Whether you're a passive yield earner, degen crypto trader, or a developer, we got you covered.

For yielder farmers:

Perpetual Protocol is a trustless platform to help you reach new heights in your crypto journey. We convert sophisticated trading strategies into simplified products so that anyone seeking sustainable yield can do so in a secure and trustless way.

For crypto traders:

Perpetual Protocol allows anyone to get leveraged exposure to crypto. We are pioneering the ultimate on-chain trading experience that is truly decentralized and non-custodial. Discover the thrill of a fast and permissionless perpetual swap DEX with deep liquidity on Optimism.

For developers:

Perpetual Protocol is an open source and composable DeFi primitive for builders, allowing you to create the financial applications that no one has imagined yet. Become a trailblazer by joining our growing ecosystem of more than 20 partners to create new and exciting products on top of Perp.

How do you & your team currently use Mava?

Our main usage of Mava is to provide users with easy ways to reach our support team, either directly on our dapp websites or via Discord and Telegram. We use all three of these channels a lot and having them integrated into Mava is brilliant.

We use Mava's analytics tools to track our time to first reply and our overall request volume. These metrics are great for tracking our support performance.

We also look forward to using the Mava’s new AI bot in Discord!

What are the main benefits of using Mava for your team?

Providing great support is our community team's main goal and letting users reach us in the way that's easiest for them is very important. Mava is perfect for this. 

On our end, we benefit from having support requests from multiple channels neatly organized in one dashboard where our support team can work together to solve user issues ASAP.

Where can people learn more about your product?

Users can head over to our website or Twitter page.

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