Everything you need to know about Discord Channel, Category and Thread limits


Discord is a popular platform for communication and collaboration, used by millions of people around the world. However, there are certain limits to the number of channels, categories, public and private threads that can be created on a server. These limits can present a challenge for customer support teams that rely on existing ticketing tools that create a new channel for each ticket. 

In this blog post, we will explore these limits in more detail and introduce Mava. 

Mava’s Discord Ticket Bot won’t stop working once you exceed the channel limit and greatly improves on existing Discord ticket systems and tools. 

Discord limits explained 


Discord allows users to create up to 500 channels per server. This includes voice and text channels, as well as, categories. This limit is designed to ensure that servers remain organized and easy to navigate. 


Categories are used to group related channels together. Discord allows users to create up to 50 categories per server. Up to 50 channels are allowed per category. Categories are an important feature of Discord, as they help to keep servers organised and easy to navigate, however, if you are using a ticket system that creates new channels within a single category, you will quickly hit the 50 channel per category limit. 

Public & Private Threads 

Discord introduced the concept of threads in 2021, which allows users to have a focused conversation within a channel. Public threads are visible to all members of the server and can be replied to by anyone. Private threads are similar, but are only visible to users who are invited to them and Discord admins. Unlike Channels Discord allows up to 1000 active threads and an unlimited number of archived threads making threads much more practical for a Discord ticket system. Threads get archived automatically after 1, 3 or 7 days of inactivity, making it very unlikely you will run into limit issues. 

Moreover, Private threads are inherently more secure and create much less clutter than ticket tools that create a new channel for every ticket.

The problem with existing Discord ticket tools

Existing ticketing tools that create a new channel for each ticket can present a problem due to the Discord channel limits mentioned above. Each time a new ticket is created, a new channel is created, and this can quickly eat into the available channel limit. When this happens, customer support teams may have to start consolidating channels, deleting unresolved tickets, or even create new servers to accommodate their needs (e.g. a dedicated support server), which can be time-consuming and disruptive and results in a terrible user experience.

How to overcome the ticket channel limit in Discord

To address this challenge, Mava's customer support software uses private threads in Discord, avoiding problems that other ticket tools run into when lots of new tickets are created. This means that customer support teams can support a large community without ever having issues with ticket limits which result in frustrated users. 

Mava is much more than just a Discord ticket tool though! Using Mava, you can support your community acrossDiscord, Twitter, Telegram and on your own website via a chat bubble, all from one secure support dashboard. Unlike traditional customer support systems, like Intercom or Zendesk, Mava natively integrates with Discord. Moreover,  unlike a Discord only ticket tool, Mava has powerful automations and can consolidate support across multiple channels into one place. 


Discord offers a great range of features for communication and collaboration, but channel limits often cause problems when using traditional Discord only ticket tools. The solution is Mava's customer support platform, that uses private threads within Discord so your ticket bot will never run into a ticket limit. 

To learn more about Mava, head over to our website and get started for free today.


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