How to set up a Ticket Bot in your Discord server

How to set up a Ticket Bot in your Discord server

Millions of companies, communities and games use Discord to engage with their users, but as your server starts to grow it becomes hard to manage support requests.

You can easily improve and scale Discord support using a ticket bot. In this article we’ll explain what a ticket bot is, what makes a good ticket bot, why Mava is our favorite and how to set up a ticket bot in your Discord server in a few simple steps.

What is a ticket bot?

A ticket bot is a Discord bot designed to streamline the support process within a server. It allows users to create tickets for their queries, issues, or requests, ensuring that each inquiry is handled individually and efficiently. This helps server administrators and support teams manage and prioritize user concerns with ease. It also allows users to share sensitive information (e.g. their personal details) with a support team in a private channel. 

Some ticket bots have additional customer support functionalities, such as automatically responding to commonly asked questions in public Discord channels using AI, or providing more in-depth support metrics to your team.

What makes a good ticket bot?

No-Code Chatbot Builder: A good ticket bot should offer a user-friendly, no-code chatbot builder. This empowers server owners to create and customize their chatbots without the need for any coding knowledge, making it accessible to everyone. The purpose of a chatbot is to design a conversation flow to collect relevant data such as their email, game version or User ID; or to correctly categorize each query by letting users select what their question is about. 

AI Integration: Utlizing artificial intelligence in support  tickets ensures that users receive instant responses, 24/7. This not only enhances user satisfaction but also reduces the support team’s workload. Using advanced models such as GPT4, ensures users receive accurate and relevant responses. 

Works at Scale: Ticket bots should use private threads within Discord, instead of creating new channels. If a ticket bot uses new channels instead of private threads, the ticket bot will stop working once you go over the number of allowable open Channels (50 per category or 500 per server). This sounds like a lot but it can easily happen in servers with over 5k members. 

Public Discord AI Bot - Never Answer the Same Question Twice: A quality Discord customer support bot should also feature a public Discord AI bot that can answer frequently asked questions automatically. This helps in providing instant solutions to common queries, saving time for both users and support staff.

Integration with Other Platforms and Your Website: The ability to integrate the ticket bot with other platforms and your website enhances its versatility. This ensures that users can access support seamlessly, regardless of the platform they are using and it makes support much easier for your team to handle, all from one shared team inbox.

Reliability: If you’re looking to take support seriously, then you need a reliable bot. It’s important to go with a professionally built both with >99.9% uptime. 

Which ticket bot should you use?

We’ve tested almost all of the ticket bots on the Market and could’t find one that met all the criteria above, so we decided to build our own! It’s called Mava.

What is Mava?

Mava is the most advanced customer support bot for Discord, loved by communities ranging from 200 members to >1,000,000 members. 

Mava has a powerful, no-code chatbot builder that can:

  1. Assist your users using AI
  2. Allow custom buttons
  3. Route, categorize and assign tickets to your team
  4. Auto-categorize and tag tickets with AI
  5. Allow you to build fully custom forms 
  6. Auto-respond to users with custom message

Moreover, Mava also has a public Discord channel AI bot that can automatically reply to users so your team can easily scale customer support. Mava integrates with your website and Telegram if you’re looking to provide support across more than one platform all from one shared team inbox. You can train Mava AI on any website, Gitbook, PDF, as well as your team's Discord replies, so you never have to answer the same question twice. 

How to Add Mava to Your Discord?

Follow these simple steps to integrate Mava into your Discord server. Setup takes under 10 minutes.

Step 1: Create a Mava account 

Create an account directly here or press the “sign up free”  button on the homepage.

Create your Mava account with email or wallet

Step 2: Verify your email address

After you’ve completed the onboarding steps, check your email inbox to verify your details. You’ll be redirected to Mava after you verify and will be ready to integrate your Discord. 

Verify your email address to complete the account creation process

Step 4: Create a Support Category with 2 Channels in your Discord server

Make it easy for your users to find help so they ask in the right channels, opposed to in any channel they feel like!

We recommend creating a support category with two channels. Set up a dedicated support category on your Discord server, comprising at least two channels—one for public discussions and another for the creation of support tickets.

Create a support category and at least two Discord channels. One channel for users to open tickets and another for public support

Step 5: Connect your Discord to Mava

Go to the integrations page within Mava, press the ‘New Integration’ button. From the drop down, select Discord.

Press the 'New Integration' button to get started

Select Discord as your new integration

After selecting Discord, you’ll be redirected to the Discord bot approval page where you can select which Discord server you want to add Mava to. After you've selected the correct sever you'll need to authorize the bot to grant it permission to enter your server. Fun fact: unlike most bots Mava doesn’t require Admin permission within your server, this makes it much more secure. 

Authorize the Mava Discord bot to add it to your server

Step 6: Select which channel you want to add the Mava ticket panel to

Select the channel you want users to open a support ticket from, this could be a new 'Support-ticket' channel you created in step 4 or an existing channel if you're upgrading your ticket bot. You will want to make sure that this channel is read only so the create ticket panel and button remain visible to all users.

Select your ticket channel

If you see the confirmation message in green saying ‘Channel configured correctly’ you’re good to go. If not you’ll need to configure your channel permissions as detailed in the next step.

Step 7: Configure your Discord channel permissions

Because Mava doesn’t require Admin permissions you’ll need to grant it access to the channel you want users to be able to create tickets in. 

Mava requires the following permissions:

  • View channels
  • Send messages
  • Send messages in threads
  • Create public threads
  • Create private threads
  • Embed links
  • Attach files
  • Manage messages
  • Manage threads
  • Read message history

You’ll find a full guide on how to set up the correct Discord channel permissions here.

After you’ve granted the permissions in Discord, go back to Mava and press the ‘Check Permissions' button to confirm it’s configured correctly. 

Step 8: Customize your ticket panel

Adjust the color and add custom text to let your users know when they should open a ticket. As you make changes, you see they instantly update on the preview section. 

Customize your ticket panel

Once you hit the next button, you should now see the Mava ticket panel in your Discord. 

Step 9: Customize your chatbot

Now you’ve added Mava to your Discord, it’s time to customize your chatbot. Go to the hjChabot builder section within Mava and either press “Save” to use the default template or customize the text and buttons. There’s a full guide to customizing the chatbot builder here.

Customize your chatbot builder within Mava

Step 10: Upload your support content to train Mava AI

Mava AI can save your team hours of time and help support your community 24/7 even if your team isn’t available. 

You can train the AI almost instantly by uploading your existing help content and FAQs into Mava. Go to the Upload sources section within Mava and add any website, Gitbook, PDF or for example a Google Doc with your FAQs. To get the best out of the AI it’s a good idea to follow this content guide.

Upload your existing support content straight into Mava in seconds

Mava can also learn from your team’s Discord replies. Once you’ve activated this you can select which Discord roles you want Mava to learn from and grant Mava View channel permissions within any Discord channel you want it to learn from. 

Step 11: Configure Mava Public channel AI permissions 

In addition to the Mava ticket bot, Mava AI can also respond to commonly asked questions in one or multiple public Discord channels. Once you’ve uploaded your content to Mava AI, go to AI Settings within Mava and activate the Public channel AI assistant.

Once it’s turned on, Mava will need five permission in any channel you want it to be able to respond in:

  • View channels 
  • Send messages
  • Embed links
  • Manage messages
  • Read message history

There are two additional guides explaining how to activate the Mava public channel AI assistant and how to set up the Discord channel permissions correctly.


Having tested all the ticket bots on the market the team at Mava decided Discord communities needed something better so we built our own.

The Mava support bot is feature rich and extremely powerful and is loved by thousands of communities.  


Are you running a community-driven company? Mava’s AI-enabled customer support platform enables you to support your community across all your favorite community channels. Learn more